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Glass Bridge in China New Era in Bridge History

Now ready for thrilling experience, walk around the glass bottomed bridge and feel terrified. Glass Bridge  in china  opens for public. This bridge is also called Heroic Bridge or Brave Men’s Bridge. This is because it is consider that if someone crosses the fearsome bridge then he

Smart Drone with Smart Wings

Past few years the market of consumer drones rapidly increases. Even thus the design of consumer drones not much different. Most of the consumer drones based on the rotor blades like in helicopter, But French Drone Company Parrot think differently and adds a new chapter in consumer

Smart Helmet for Engineers

Good news for engineers and the people interested in augmented reality technology. DAQRI is an American company built and develops augmented reality tools and software. Starting of 2016 DAQRI launched smart helmet for engineers. It is a light weighted made up of carbon fiber. This smart helmet

Wind Power in India Fastest Growing Sector

It is happy to see that In India power sector recorded faster growth rate in past few years. Till 30 June 2016 India’s total installed power capacity is about 303 GW. India is the fourth largest producer of electricity in the world and it is assumption that

Apps That Boost Mind Body and Soul

Mind Body and soul are the realities of our life. We need to know, what to feed our mind body and soul to live happier healthier and long life. In our fast life style we ignore all three, because of this we face lot of problems like

Thinnest Laptop in 2016 HP Spectre 13

Thinnest laptop made by hp is Spectre 13. It is the world’s thinnest laptop. The design and technology is superb. The HP spectre 13 is 10.4 mm thin and full intel core i5 and i7 power. Its weight is just 1.1 kilograms. This is because of its

Top 5 Money Management Apps

In day-today life we spend lot of money. But if the money is out of budget it creates tension in our life. Today the biggest problem is that people are still struggling with basic money management. Many college students are living on the edge of financial crisis,

Canvas 6 Micromax Latest Smartphone

India based company Micromax has launched a new smartphone micromax canvas 6. Past few years, Micromax launched many other phones in Canvas and Bolt series. Micromax canvas 6 has lot of upgraded features. It comes with metallic body It has the IPS LCD display with 16M colors

Samsung Launched New Smartphone Galaxy s7

Good news for Sumsung smartphone lovers. Samsung launched its galaxy s7 smartphone with updated features.  Now we will tell you the features of the new galaxy s7. It comes with 5.1 inch touch-screen display which is 1400*2560 pixels at 557 ppi pixel density. Now come to the

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Field

Past few years artificial intelligence has jumped into public eye. People publicly talking about artificial intelligence (AI) . It is based on mathematical algorithms and automation. When we define artificial intelligence, we can say that, it is a development of computer system to perform task normally like